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*BUY 1 GET 1 FREE* Bionaire Air Purifier BAP9240

Best Selling
*BUY 1 GET 1 FREE* Bionaire Air Purifier BAP9240
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*BUY 1 GET 1 FREE* Bionaire Air Purifier BAP9240 *BUY 1 GET 1 FREE* Bionaire Air Purifier BAP9240 *BUY 1 GET 1 FREE* Bionaire Air Purifier BAP9240 *BUY 1 GET 1 FREE* Bionaire Air Purifier BAP9240



The Bionaireâ„¢ brand is committed to pure indoor living. As a company, we are
pioneers and perfectionists, innovators and idealists. We are constantly pushing
the boundaries of technology, innovation and design to create exceptional
products to help you perfect your home environment.

Because you spend 90% of your time indoors, you and your family deserve
exceptional purity, comfort and freshness in your indoor environment. Bionaireâ„¢
offers an ideal balance of form and function, helping you transform the air inside
your home, keeping your family comfortable and ensuring that your indoor
environment is healthy, revitalizing and pure.

If you seek a high quality of life, renewal and well-being, Bionaireâ„¢ products are
the perfect way to control and/or purify indoor living. Bionaireâ„¢ delivers pure
solutions through a perfect blend of smart design and technology. 

Experience Pure Indoor Living with the Bionaireâ„¢ brand now.

  • Model: BAP9240
  • Color: White
  • Measurements: 16H x W33 X D23cm
  • Weight: 2.5kg
  • Voltage: 220 - 240V ~ 50/60Hz
  • Filter Type: HEPA-type filter
  • Theoretical filtration efficiency (according to manufacturer):  99% (@ 2 microns)
  • Air flow on highest speed setting: 67 m3/h
  • Adequate room size (according to manufacturer): 26m2
  • Power: 30 Watts
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Features: 
    • Replaceable HEPA-type/carbon filter (BAPF30B) which is 99% efficient in removing particles larger than 2 microns in size passing through the filter.
    • Uses HEPA-type replacement filter
    • Independent ioniser*
    • Contemporary compact design fits into any home or office decor
    • Ideal for room size up to 26m²
    • Filter service indicator
    *The ioniser in this appliance is compliant with regional regulations in that it produces less ozone than the ozone emission standards set forth in the regional regulations. However, in high concentrations ozone can be harmful to birds and small pets. To prevent ozone build-up, we suggest using the independently controlled ioniser function in well ventilated areas.

Usual Price SGD 398.00
Price: SGD 188.00