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Click and Grow - The Smart Garden 9

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Click & Grow is the leading creator of easy-to-use electronic smart pots that grow plants without the need for manual watering and fertilizing.  The company’s smart technology controls all the things plants need to thrive, the exact amount of water, fertilizer, and air, according to the plant’s needs. Click & Grow’s specially developed and patented growth medium enables users to grow fresh herbs, vegetables, and plants in all environments. Since the company’s inception in 2010 over 350,000 Click & Grow’s have been sold worldwide

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The Smart Garden was made to grow fresh food for you automatically. It waters the plant, provides necessary lighting and makes sure your herbs, fruits, vegetables, salads, and flowers have enough nutrients and oxygen at all times. With professional LED lights, a sleek design and an adjustable lamp arm, this garden will make fresh homegrown food accessible for everyone.

  • Starter kit includes 3 Basil, 3 Mini Tomato and 3 Lettuce plant capsules to start growing immediately.
  • The starter kit comes with 1 year warranty on the electrical component (LED lamp) only.





Colour : White, Mellow Beige and Dark Grey
Water tank capacity : 4L
Growing lights : 9 LED’s; 10 000 lux
Growing capacities : 9 plants
Electricity usage per month      : 9.6 kWh
Watering : Automatic
Temperature control : Based on room temperature
Cleaning : All parts machine washable
Measurements : 60.5 x 18.5 x 40 cm
Weight : 2.43 kg


Local Warranty12 Months