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KitchenAid Attachment - Grain Mill (5KGM)

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This all-metal attachment grinds wheat, oats, corn, rice, and other low-moisture, low-oil grains. Using freshly milled grains brings a hearty taste and texture to your baked goods. When you bake with home ground flour you will get all of the good you could possible get from a grain. Choose from 'cracked' to extra-fine consistency. Includes a cleaning brush.

  • Versatility
    • Grinds Low-Moisture Grains (Wheat, Corn, Rice, Etc.) From Coarse to FineAll-metal construction
  • All-metal construction
    • All-metal construction attaches easily to KitchenAid® stand mixers (sold separately)
  • Model: 5KGM

  • Product Packaging: 23 L x 12.5 D x 21 H CM 

  • Net Weight: 2.3kg

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