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KitchenAid Tilt-Head Stand Mixer 4.7 L Ceramic Bowl

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Elevate your kitchen’s style with a custom bowl designed to fit your KitchenAid stand mixer
From trendy classic to eye-catching floral, or 3D-embossed textured design on matte white, ceramics
Add a colorful touch and one-of-a-kind sophistication to the iconic stand mixer. Mix and match with your mixer while celebrating the natural beauty of ceramics

30% lighter 4.7 L ceramic bowl with pour spout and comfortable handle
Easy to use and to transfer ingredients

Microwave-, oven-, freezer- and dishwasher-safe ceramics
Heat and cool ingredients to taste; easy to clean

Titanium-reinforced ceramic
Resists chipping, cracking, crazing and staining
Built to last

: 4.7 L
: Titanium-reinforced ceramic
Product dimensions (H x W x D) (cm)
: 19 × 22.6 × 31
Packaging dimensions (H x W x D) (cm)
: 26.5 × 30.5 × 30.5
Net Weight
: 1.9 kg
Gross weight
: 2.9 kg

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