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Mayer 76 cm 3 Burner Stainless Steel Gas Hob MMSS773

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Mayer's innovative gas hobs meet stringent European safety standards while offering powerful Asian-Cooking-suitable flames. Mayer gas hobs feature heavy duty cast iron crowns (with a melting point of 1,200°C), to create every culinary masterpiece. Say goodbye to burner distortions and warping!

Product Options

Gas Type


Brass Burner
Brass has a high melting point and is more resistant to warping and deforming compared to other materials. This means your Mayer gas hob burner is longer lasting and will require less maintenance.

Safety Valve
The valve will automatically cut off gas supply in any event when flame extinguished due to wind factor or spilling of soup. A stress free innovation to protect your home and family.

Cast Iron Trivets
Stronger structural strength with high heat resistance and will not deform easily under great force.

High Quality Stainless Steel Body

Battery Ignition

A D-size battery located under the hob

Faster Ignition System
Using European ignition system; higher precision, safer and more stability with VDE certification.




Dimension L x W x H : 760 x 450 x 62 (mm)
Cut-out Dimension L x W : 670-725 x 370-410 (mm)
2 X Brass Burner : 4.5 kW
1 x Semi-Rapid Brass Burner      : 2.3kW




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Local Warranty24 Months