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Once again we are approaching the most wonderful time of the year. Everyone is rushing out to pick up presents for their friends and loved ones. But why do we give gifts during Christmas? This tradition has become part of our lives yet we do not have clue what it is about.

Well there is no time like the present to find out. Let’s look at one of the biggest questions amongst adults and children alike. Who on earth is Santa Claus and is he even real? The answer to that is yes, Santa Claus is actually Saint Nicholas and his story goes like this. He was born in Myra (modern day Turkey) into a wealthy family. He was a very charitable man who would help everyone who he could thus he had a great reputation among the community for his kindness. Soon he found out about an old man with three daughters. Back in the day families had to pay a sum of money called a dowry to the family of the groom in order to marry off their daughters. Unfortunately this man did not have the money to pay the dowry for his daughters which meant that his daughters could not get married. One night, Saint Nicholas dropped a bag of gold down the old man’s chimney so that he would be able to marry off his daughter. Saint Nicholas did this again when it was time for the second daughter to get married. The old man desperately wanted to know who the kind soul that was helping him was, and so he hid by the fire every night till he identified that the secret giver was Saint Nicholas. Saint Nicholas begged the old man not to tell anyone that we he was the one giving these gifts as he did not want to draw attention to himself. However, soon enough the story came out and everyone started to think that every mystery gift came from Saint Nicholas.

Today, we give gifts to our loved ones to show our affection. Christmas is the most magical time for us to spend time with children sharing stories about Santa Claus while they prepare cookies and milk anxiously waiting for their gifts to appear under the Christmas tree. It is also a time of reunion for families where everyone no matter how busy they might be, gather under one roof sharing about their lives and forge stronger bonds. The giving of gifts during Christmas is tradition is a beautiful thing and everyone should enjoy it throughout their years.

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