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Say NO to oily food and save yourself from the unhealthy oil, and messy cleaning; this can be done with an air fryer with ease as it's simple and easy to use.

Now you can easily fry your deep-fried treats without using much oil.

The air fryer uses rapid air circulation technologies to fry food using less than 80% of the oil and you can have crispy fries, chicken wings and it tastes as good as traditional deep-fried.

  • MMAFG58

    S$ 169.00 S$ 299.00
    or 3 payments of S$ 56.33 with atome
  • MMAF3000-MM

    S$ 98.00 S$ 199.00
    or 3 payments of S$ 32.66 with atome
  • MMAF707

    S$ 128.00 S$ 292.00
    or 3 payments of S$ 42.66 with atome
  • mayer

    3L Air Fryer


    S$ 69.00 S$ 99.00
    or 3 payments of S$ 23.00 with atome

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