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Many love their ovens with multiple functions. Be it roasting, grilling, baking, or simply keeping the food warm, Mayer brings in a wide range of ovens with different capacities and functions to meet all your culinary desires. Mayer ovens are intelligent and intuitive, offering suggested cooking times, temperatures, and modes for optimal results every time.

Cooking Capacity: Mayer's built-in ovens offer more cooking space as compared to tabletop ovens with up to 70L cooking capacity for more cooking to be done at a single go.

Save Space: Currently, most HDB apartments come with small kitchens so having built-in appliance columns allows you to better organise your kitchen space with cabinetry. Save counter-top space and create an elegant and stylish kitchen.

Customise Positioning: Built-in ovens offer greater flexibility in positioning during renovations. Customise your cabinetry to position your oven at the most comfortable height for you and your family's usage. Removing dishes and cleaning can be much easier with clever positioning.

Child Lock: Most Mayer built-in ovens come with a Child Lock Safety Feature to prevent curious fingers from accidentally activating the oven. Have peace of mind with Mayer!

Built-In Oven/Microwave
Built-In Oven/Microwave

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