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Mayer's innovative gas hobs meet stringent European safety standards while offering powerful Asian-cooking-suitable flames. Mayer gas hobs feature heavy-duty cast iron crowns, to create every culinary masterpiece. Say goodbye to burner distortions and warping!

Temperature control: Easily control temperatures with the turn of the dial. This chef favorite allows you to easily create all sorts of culinary masterpieces.

Unaffected by power cuts: Even in sudden electricity cuts, you can continue cooking since gas lines are typically unaffected! If your Mayer hob requires electrical ignition, feel free to get creative with a handheld lighter.

Affordability: Lessen your electrical load with gas cooking. This tried-and-tested cooking stove offers a more pocketbook-friendly means of creating your dishes.

Durability: Sensitive electrical boards may be damaged by unstable electrical supplies or sudden cuts of electricity. Gas hobs cook independently of such electrical boards and thus may be longer-lasting, with fewer maintenance needs.

Safety: All Mayer gas hobs are equipped with a temperature-sensitive thermocouple safety device that automatically cuts off the gas supply if the flame is unexpectedly extinguished. Don't worry about gas leaks!


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