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600 ml Personal Blender

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You may want to consider getting an extra 600ml blending tumbler for your loved ones. Simply twist in the tumbler, blend, and they can use it as a to-go bottle!

The beauty of Mayer Personal Blender Mayer Personal Blender MMPB600 is light, compact, and fuss-free. The blender tumbler is impact-resistant and made with BPA-free TRITAN material. The tumbler can be instantly converted to a travel bottle by using the spill-proof lid with a drinking spout. If you need to blend for more people, simply get the additional compatible bottles from here! This way, you don't have the hassle of transferring liquids, which prevents wastage and loads of washing up. Mayer Personal Blender MMPB600 is easy to clean and can blend a variety of foods, including smoothies, protein shakes, milkshakes, cocktails, and baby food. It is light and compact but so functional!

  • Ideal for blending Smoothies, Fitness Drinks, Milkshakes, Mixed Beverages, Cocktails and Baby Food
  • Blender bottle can be removed and used as a travel bottle
  • Lid with drinking spout prevents accidental spills
  • Easy to clean
  • Light and compact
  • Bottles are from Impact-Resistant BPA Free Tritan material
  • 1 x Easy-drink Lid
  • 1 x 600ml Blending Cup
  • 1 x 4-blade Stainless Steel Blade
  • 1 x Blender Base Unit
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