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Mistral's 55th Anniversary

Mistral's 55th Anniversary

Commemorating Mistral's 55th Anniversary

Honouring the Past, Celebrating the Present, and Forging the Future

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16 October 2023, Singapore – Mistral continues its celebratory moment by ending its 55th anniversary with a bang! As the brand commemorates over 5 decades of innovation and excellence, not only is Mistral looking back on its journey but also setting its sights on the future, filled with promise and progress. Mistral's commitment to customers and the environment is embodied in its Anniversary collection, and the latest and last launch of the collection embodies the brand’s new core attributes: Easy, Contemporary, Sustainable, Reliable, and Relevant.

"Celebrating 55 years of innovation and excellence, Mistral has always been dedicated to enhancing the everyday lives
of our customers. As we step into the future, our commitment remains steadfast, guided by our new core brand attributes: Easy, Sustainable, Contemporary, Reliable, and Relevant.”

“The 46" Blade Free Fan with Air Purifier represents our vision for a sustainable, convenient, and exciting tomorrow.
We appreciate our loyal customers' support and invite new ones to join us on this exciting journey ahead,
as we continue to shape homes and lives."  

-    Mr B.K. Tan, Managing Director of Mayer Marketing Pte Ltd.

Designed to cater to every lifestyle, the 46" Blade Free Fan with Air Purifier boasts powerful air purification capabilities of CADR 108m3/h powered by energy-efficient DC 35W of power via a DC24V AC Adapter and an advanced HEPA 13 Filter equipped with UV Sanitiser – it stands as a powerful guardian of clean and healthy air for homes in Singapore. This exceptional air purification capability is particularly valuable for combatting the challenges of Singapore's humid climate, ensuring a consistently comfortable living environment.

What’s more, this product also features an intuitive LED Touch Display Screen with an Air Quality Indicator that provides real-time air quality monitoring with a PM2.5 sensor – allowing homeowners to take control of their indoor air conditions, especially during periods of haze. For young families with infants at home, this also ensures the optimal living space for the little ones, delivering peace of mind. Additionally, the 46" Blade Free Fan with Air Purifier operates quietly at under 58dB, transforming any space in bustling Singapore into a baby-friendly, peaceful haven.

In an era where smart homes are becoming increasingly prevalent, Mistral's fan doesn't lag behind. The 46" Blade Free Fan with Air Purifier offers Smart Connectivity with WiFi, enabling convenient remote control via smartphones. Whether your abode is a traditional setup or a smart home, this 46" Blade Free Fan with Air Purifier seamlessly adapts to your needs, making it suitable for all households.

Mistral’s 46" Blade Free Fan with Air Purifier is the ultimate solution for Singaporeans seeking personalised comfort.

With 9 Fan Speeds and 4 Modes (Auto, Sleep, Natural, Strong) and customisable oscillation and airflow adjustment options (30°, 60°, 90°, 120°), you can expect a breezy day all year round.

Mistral's 46" Blade Free Fan with Air Purifier is more than just a cooling solution; it's a lifestyle upgrade, a testament to innovation, and a breath of fresh air for every Singaporean home.

17 July 2023, Singapore – Mistral continues its 55th-anniversary celebration by shining a spotlight on the present with the launch of the 16” Stand Fan with Remote Control. As a pioneer in home appliances and quality air movement products, Mistral continues to combine modern technology with 55 years of know-how, redefining the standards of comfort and convenience. Mistral's newest 16” Stand Fan with Remote Control represents a leap forward, introducing a new era of cooling solutions that cater to the needs of all ages.

In a true celebration of the present, Mistral transcends the ordinary and positions itself at the forefront of the industry by combining user-friendliness, affordability, modern design and technology. Since 1968, Mistral has embodied the 'Art of Simple Living' philosophy, seamlessly integrating products into all lifestyles. This celebration not only pays tribute to Mistral's rich history but also signifies its commitment to embracing the present and forging a path towards a promising future

“As a brand that has grown with Singapore, Mistral holds a rich legacy of 55 years of knowledge and expertise, offering the best technology that caters to the ever-changing lifestyle and demands of consumers. Throughout our journey, we have remained committed to providing practical and affordably priced home appliances. Our new 16” Stand Fan with Remote Control exemplifies this commitment. As we continue to innovate and adapt, we express our gratitude to our valued customers for their support, and we warmly welcome new customers to join us in enhancing their everyday lives with Mistral.”

Mr B.K Tan, Managing Director of Mayer Marketing Pte Ltd.

Mistral's journey parallels Singapore's evolution from a small nation to a global innovation hub. Starting as a direct-to-consumer team, Mistral has expanded its reach to over 220 touch points across Asia, becoming a leading brand in air movement products. Following the launch of the Mistral 6” Desk Fan, Mistral now introduces the 16'' Stand Fan with Remote Control. Designed to enhance all lifestyles in Singapore, consumers can expect optimal air movement that can combat the humid weather in Singapore but also add an aesthetic touch to any space.

Mistral 16" Stand Fan with Remote MSF1655R

  • 7.5 Hours timer
  • 7 ABS fan blade
  • Adjustable height
  • Left & right oscillation
  • 3 Modes: natural, sleep, and normal
  • 38 Degree up and down tilting adjustment
  • Full 100% copper coil motor for strong air delivery


28 March 2023, SingaporeMistral commemorates its 55th year anniversary by paying homage to the Mistral products that were prominent in the early days when the brand first entered the Singapore market in 1968. Mistral's focus has always been to provide practical and reasonably priced home appliances, captured under the "Art of Simple Living" throughout the decades.

“As Mistral celebrates its 55th year, we are pleased to take this opportunity to reflect on our roots and celebrate our progress since our establishment in 1968. Our commitment to providing consumers with practical and reasonably priced home appliances has remained steadfast throughout the years, and our new 6" Desk Fan is a testament to that. It takes inspiration from the iconic Box Fan. As we continue to innovate and adapt to the changing market, we remain committed to our 'Art of Simple Living' philosophy and invite our customers to join us on this journey.”

- Mr. B.K Tan, Managing Director of Mayer Marketing

The pioneer brand of well-made air movement products in Singapore continues to grow and understand the needs of modern consumers. As practicality and affordability remain a top priority, consumers are also constantly seeking aesthetics that best suit the interior design of their homes. In recent years, Mistral has collaborated with major global IP owners such as Disney, presenting collections that excite fans of the brand. Consumers have always been at the heart of Mistral's innovation and design collaborations, and this commitment will continue to forge a better tomorrow for the brand and consumers alike.

In celebration of Mistral's 55th Anniversary, the brand will launch its new 6" Desk Fan on 4 April 2023, to commemorate its most iconic product, the Box Fan, which was their very first product when the brand launched in 1968. This simple yet reliable device is designed to provide a gentle and constant airflow that can help improve comfort and productivity in any setting, from workstations to bedrooms, kitchens, and more.

Mistral 6” Desk Fan MDF603-PR

  • Simple control knob with three speeds setting
  • Handle slot for easy carry
  • Manual tilt up to 90°
  • In-built thermal protection from overheating
  • Stable, concentrated, and turbulence-free air flow
  • Detachable front guard for easy cleaning
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