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Essential Oil Blend (10ml)

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Ingredients: Clary Sage, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Rosewood

Benefits: Purifying, Calming, and uplifting

The cacophony of my busy routine finally fades away as I step through my front door and into the hallway. Instantly, my world is hued in soft sepia as the sensors of my wall lights greet my arrival. The air is still: a far cry from the chaos of city life. I pull up a chair and turn on my Mistral air purifier. Soon, the fragrance of essential oils wafts pleasantly through the room. Feeling the breeze against my skin, I slip peacefully into childhood memories. I still see it clearly now: dandelions swaying in the breeze, a flowing river, and us, skipping stones by a small stream. Embracing the rhythms of tranquility, I find an oasis of peace.

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