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Disney X Mayer Exclusive Mickey Heritage Collection 3

Disney X Mayer Exclusive Mickey Heritage Collection 3

Bringing More Fun Days with Disney x Mayer's Exclusive Mickey Heritage Collection III

Mickey and Minnie are now back with the Mickey Heritage Collection III.

10 January 2022 – The childhood classic Mickey Mouse and his loveable sweetheart Minnie Mouse are back this January with Mayer’s Limited-Edition Mickey Heritage Collection III. To celebrate this festive season, Disney x Mayer Digital Air Oven and Electronic Kitchen Scale will be exclusively available at selected retailers in Singapore and Malaysia.

Featuring Minnie at a classic dining table, you can now whip up sumptuous meals with the Air Oven to impress your guests!  A “peek-a-boo” Mickey Mouse design on the Electronic Kitchen Scale in this latest collection ensures that your ingredients are measured with fun and ease. Accurate and reliable, this Electronic Kitchen Scale enables you to mix the perfect amount and quantity for delicious dishes or amazing bakes!

Disney x Mayer 20L Digital Air Oven MMAO20-DS

Disney x Mayer 20L Digital Air Oven MMAO20-DS

 Time saving and allowing you to cook more food at once – this classic air oven helps you to achieve quick and delicious meals!

  •  2 hours timer
  • Temperature control up to 230°C
  • LED screen display
  • 12 pre-set functions, with DIY mode
  • Hidden dual stainless steel heating elements
  • Detachable water tank for steam baking
  • Galvanised steel cavity wall
  • With convection fan and oven light
  • Accessories: Bake tray, wire rack, mesh basket tray, tray handle

Disney x Mayer Electronic Kitchen Scale MMEKS5-MK

Maintain consistency and accuracy with this extremely adorable kitchen scale. Measure your ingredients precisely and have a perfect bake every time!

  •  Measure volume or weight of dry and wet ingredients
  • Maximum capacity of 5kg with ± 1g weight accuracy
  • Automatic power o­ff
  • Tempered glass surface
  • Low battery and overload indication
  • Power supply: AAA battery x 2 pieces
  • Auto zero with tare weight reset function
  • Interchangeable units (g/ ‑.oz/ oz/ ml/lb)
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