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How to Clean and Maintain your Hood

How to Clean and Maintain your Hood

Disconnect the power supply cord before carrying out any cleaning or maintenance activities. It is important to clean and/or replace the filters at appropriate intervals as grease deposits build-up increases the risk of fire. Do not operate the extractor hood without grease filter.

  • Clean the extractor hood using warm detergent solution and a soft damp cloth. Wipe dry with a lint free cloth.
  • Avoid using corrosive or abrasive products that could damage the surface.
  • Never insert pointed objects in the motor’s protective grid.
  • Only clean the switch panel and filter grill using a damp cloth and mild washing up liquid.
  • It is extremely important to clean the unit and change the filters at the recommended intervals. Failure to do so will cause grease deposits to build up that could constitute a fire hazard.
  • Never use metallic scouring pads or abrasive products that could damage the surface. Do not use scrapers with metallic surfaces such as knives, scissors etc.

RECTIFIER PANEL AND OIL CUP (only available for selected models)
  • The rectifier panel and oil cup should be cleaned regularly, once a month, depending on the frequency of the appliance usage.
  • Always use both hands to carefully hold on to the parts upon removing to prevent oil dripping out.
  • Wash with warm or hot soapy water and a soft sponge. Avoid using abrasive detergent and scouring pads as these will cause scratch on the stainless steel finishing.

  • Grease filters are used to absorb the grease particles formed during cooking process. The filters must be removed and cleaned every 4 weeks, depending on how often the appliance is used.
  • Soak the panels in a degreasing agent for an hour then rinse off.
  • Do not bend the filters during washing.

CHARCOAL FILTERS (only in re-circulating model)
  • Charcoal filters cannot be reused and must be replaced with the appropriate types once every six months or depending on the frequency of the appliance usage. You may want to lean closer the frequency if you do a lot of cooking, or if your cooking style includes a lot of spicy or greasy foods. Once your filter is saturated, it is the indication that it is time to change the filter. You can purchase the filter from Mayer Service Centre or on Mayer e-Store.
  • Regular maintenance is essential to allow this appliance to function effectively.
  • Clogged filters restrict airflow and may cause the motor to overheat.

  • Remove the filter support to access the bulbs. Ensure that the mains are disconnected beforehand and that the bulbs to be replaced are not hot.
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